Pillars of delivering a Tailored Customer Experience on Optimizely DXP- Post 1 of 2

New Era Cap has been manufacturing baseball caps for American sports teams since the early 1930s. They are a heritage brand with their roots firmly laid in Baseball, one of America’s most popular sports. Over their considerable history they have expanded to new sporting domains and evolved into a popular culture lifestyle brand with their products worn by some worlds most famous celebrities.

A brand like New Era Cap can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people whether you are a passionate New York Yankees baseball fan or somebody who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Because of that, it is so important that the brand E-Commerce experience and communications talk to customers in a personalised and familiar way.

This blog series will demonstrate how brands like New Era Cap are using Optimizely DXP technologies to provide their customers with consistent familiar omnichannel experiences.

The Three Pillars of Tailored Customer Experiences

Working in collaboration with New Era, we used Optimizely DXP technology to implement the three pillars to delivering a Tailored Customers Experience.

Pillar 1 – Segmentation

To effectively personalise a customer experience, you need to understand who individual customers are – their profile, interests and the behaviours while interacting with your brand.

ODP (Optimizely Data Platform) is used to captures unified customer profiles and behaviours. Using ODP you can create Segments grouping customers based on engagement with your brand or any other profile/behavioural criteria you define.

Pillar 2 – Personalisation

ODP Segments can be used to personalise web and email content for your customers using Optimizely Content Cloud Visitor Groups. There are a number of methods that ODP segments can trigger personalised Email campaigns with the most appropriate depending on your Email Marketing solution provider.

Pillar 3 – Experimentation

How do you know the personalised content you are serving your visitors is converting? The next step is to Experiment with variations of your content.

This will inform you strategically what is working best within customer Segments and allow you to iterate effectively. Optimizely Experimentation has prebuilt integrations with the Content Cloud to test what exactly is converting with your real world customers.

Next Post

In the next post, I will delve into Pillar 1 – Segmentation using Optimizely technologies. We’ll look at how to build effective customer profiles and use that to effectively segment your audience.